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 This is Me saying GoodBye Officially.

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PostSubject: This is Me saying GoodBye Officially.   Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:08 pm

If u havent Heard Yet. Today will be the last Any of you will Ever see mee. Im in alot of shit right now. and got atleast 10 minnutes untill Im Done For. i Tried to hang myself but every time i got Dizzy i Pussied Out. So im Going to Cool off at my mates house for a few months make some cash then be on my way. when and if i doo come back i will give away my xat account. idk when ill be back. but incase i dont. ill leave some clues into what my Password is. if u guess it u hit the jackpot.
Clue No1: Lol
Clue No2: something u eat in the morning with syrup.
Clue No3: A single digit number between 1 - 10.

The password goes in order from CLue no1 to clue no3.
Good Luck and goodbye.
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This is Me saying GoodBye Officially.
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