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 Councilor application 2

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PostSubject: Councilor application 2   Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:09 pm

Hey Rizzy I just wanted to take a shot at applying for Chatbox mod or councilor. Here goes..

Name: My names Joey just like my forum name.

Age: 13, haterz gonna hate.

Live in: San Francisco, California.

Staff experience: I have been staff on many other communities/forums/chatboxes. I have been
a staff rank similar to councilor which is Support Team. I was temp mod on for short time.

What will I do to help out: I will be active pretty much every day except when I have school and sports practices. I am really good at helping people and or enforcing rules on chatbox or forum.

So yeah I just decided to try applying, if i dont get it, what can i do. By the way im a friend of Mr.Mike's, hes a mod on the chatbox. Thanks, Joey
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Councilor application 2
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