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 317 Sedex l Custom Home l Custom Bosses l Amazing Pking l Webclient

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PostSubject: 317 Sedex l Custom Home l Custom Bosses l Amazing Pking l Webclient   Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:54 pm


Hey guys, this is Omgitsbob12 i'm here with a brand new server called Sedex. As always said "pictures are worth 1000 words" so here you guys go Smile


VPS Hosted

[SIZE="5"]Kalphite Queen
King Black Dragon
Tormented Demons
Corproal Beast
Daggonth Kings
Pest Control
Tzhaar Cave
Duel Arena
Warrior Guild[/SIZE]

RSPS - Sedex - YouTube

Before flaming begins about the comment "why there is no spec on claws" I gave that player lent claws to keep eco-stable so yeah.

*New Bosses
*New Staffzone
*Access to Armadyl fixed with ::armadyl command
*Funpk added
*Improved drop rates on all npc and custom drops added
*Spec on GS's, Claws and all that fun stuff
*Overloads work
*New npcs at home and allover Sedex
*Took stuff of out shop and put new things in
*Prices changed to keep eco-stable
*XP rates increased on some of those tough to train skills
*Put banks in some areas for easy banking
*Mage of Zammy put into skilling so people wont get pked
*Vengeance and Vengeance Other works
*Leech prayers work
*All skills trainable
*Balanced Chaotics and Dragon Claws
*Amazing and Friendly staff
*So far updated every single day since server has been out (yes I should listen to my own players and take a break)
*Duel Arena works
*New dragons added to make slayer easier
*Santa works 100% (will be on X-Mas)
*Dicing works

Well why should you play Sedex? First off I am 100% non-profit all of it goes straight to the server. Secondly I listen to all players I make sure to hear all suggestions and try to add them into the game. As you're reading this I hope that you will join my server and have a wonderful time.

Anyway guys if you want to see just log in and try out for yourselves
85%- HybridPvpv3
14%- My own players for suggestions (Thanks guys without you, the server would be a piece of crap Very Happy)
1%- Me doing those suggestions

- All editing was done on Paint so if it looks bad it's Paint's fault Smile
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317 Sedex l Custom Home l Custom Bosses l Amazing Pking l Webclient
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