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 iPad's chatbox Moderator application.

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PostSubject: iPad's chatbox Moderator application.   Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:02 pm

Name: iPad

Date Registered: Since July 2010 [old rslock was Moderator]

Position applying for:Moderator

Why should you be chosen? I am a very loyal person who always uses good grammar when I am talking either in the chatbox or on the forums. I am a helpfull person who enjoys watching others succeed at something they have being working hard on doing. I make graphical designs and I have made some Gfx designs for Rizzy. More to come for the site soon! I would enforce the rules and never abuse as that is just stupid, I have been a moderator before for rslock and I know the way the community works. I am fun to be around but I know when to be serious about my job. I have much to contribute to rspsranks!
What days can you be on: Most school days 4-5 hours and on weekends about 7-10 hours per day.

What are your hobby's: Coding Html and Making Graphical designs.

Other info we should know about you? I am a very caring person with much to offer to the community. I dont bite and I get along with all of the community members. I can also offer my securty skills for the community.
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iPad's chatbox Moderator application.
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